"Really loved it! I usually get nervous about this kind of thing, but I thought that you facilitated it in a way that was very reassuring…Liked the way in which improv skills can be used for business. "

Workshop Participant

"Really enjoyable to get out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed stepping out and in a safe learning environment."


"I loved your class! The games were so fun and interactive. It was a safe and comfortable space. I loved your enthusiasm and passion for it. Thanks Catherine for the excellent classes!"


Thanks so much! It was a great intro to improv, and I’m keen to do more!


“Excellent workshop. Very practical and I love how a group of randoms can become so imaginative/creative through silliness and play.”


"Loved the energy of the group and the relaxed feel."


‘Great vibe. Very inclusive. Great pace. Good reasons/build up to activities. Great night.’